Change reporting

If there has been a significant change in your organisation, you are obligated to let the Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA) know.

Use the Change reporting form [PDF, 658 KB] to update your details:

Examples of the types of changes you should notify CHRA about include:

  • Community housing provider's (CHP’s) legal name.
  • Type of organisation or incorporation details.
  • CHP’s contact details.
  • CHP’s geographical location.
  • Membership of the CHP’s governing body, including biographies of new members.
  • Name or job title of any member of the CHP’s senior management team, including biographies of new senior management members.
  • The CHP’s constitution or enabling document. E.g. the CHP’s objects or functions or scope of activities.
  • The CHP’s AGM date.
  • Acquisition or development of rental housing stock.